How Heat May Effect Your Car

How hot does it get in your car when it’s parked in the sun on an average Phoenix day?

Simple answer is HOT. In less than 30 minutes the interior of your car can reach temperatures exceeding 150 degrees! When it’s 109 outside, the surface temperature of your car will reach 125, the interior will be 150, and the dashboard surface temperature will reach 185.

Don’t leave anything with a heartbeat in your parked car. Even your telephone will shut down due to excessive heat.

If you leave your car parked with the engine running, the engine cooling system had better be in excellent condition. If it’s not, you’ll come out to an overheated engine most likely with severe damage and whatever is inside you wanted to keep cool…well, see the 1st paragraph above.

Good maintenance practices include servicing your engine cooling system and the AC in your vehicle at least once per year. The best time to do that is before it gets hot. When it’s already hot those that didn’t do the preventative maintenance are in the shop with break downs making it harder for those that want to be pro active in getting routine things done.

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